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Streamline your bets with BtrBet

Streamline your sports betting and make better bets

Find, track, analyze, and share your sports bets like never before. Begin today for free, and then only $35/month.

Track your bets with BtrBet

Track your bets with ease

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and disjointed notes. Our platform centralizes all your wagers in one sleek dashboard, offering real-time updates on your bets across all of your linked sportsbook accounts.

Visualize your wins, losses, and overall performance with ease, and gain instant clarity on your betting history and financial flow.

Dive deep with advanced analytics

Dive deep with advanced analytics

Our sophisticated analytics tools delve deep into the numbers, providing you with insights that go beyond surface-level statistics. Analyze your data by sport, league, market, bet type, and odds range.

Whether you're a seasoned bettor or new to the game, our Recap dashboard is your gateway to turning your data into victories.

Bet better with the ultimate toolkit for the modern bettor

With our user-centric interface, advanced analytics, and comprehensive tracking capabilities, mastering your wagers has never been more straightforward. Embrace the power of data-driven decisions and enjoy seamless integration with major betting platforms. With BtrBet, taking control of your betting experience and optimizing your wins is just a click away.

Bet tracking

  • Connect 18+ most popular sportbooks
  • Real-time updates
  • In-depth game statistics
  • Visualize overall performance

Expanded analysis tools

  • Turn data into victories
  • Utilize BtrBet’s Recap feature
  • Analyze by sport, league, market, bet type & odds range

Community access

  • Connect to social accounts
  • Learn from other bettors
  • Monetize by selling your picks
  • Promote your affiliate links

Unlimited market searches

  • See 100+ domestic and offshore books
  • Personalized analysis with best lines
  • In-depth bet statistics
  • Bet the best lines with one click

Data export

  • Share your data with the community
  • Locally store for offline evaluation
  • Tax prep assistance included
  • Save as .CSV or .PDF

Priority email support

  • Unlimited support requests
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • World-class documentation